Plywood Porteur Rack 1

Designed and built in 2009 by Garrett Belmont

Site updated April 7, 2009. Images of blue rack added.

The goal of this project was to build a rack for making runs to the grocery store with my Takara fixed gear. I chose 1/2" x 1/8" bar to allow for experimention with mounting positions and for the ease of bending. Although it is not the ideal structural profile, the differential stiffness of flat stock has proven negligible the short lengths. If anything, it prevents the beer cans from exploding when riding over jarring bumps.

The handlebar is the Velo Orange Milan Bar.

General view.

General view.

Spacer and beefy M6 bolt. The lower mounting holes are from the earlier version (below).

There are three mounting points on the plywood. To stiffen the rack, a single 3/16" rod was bent to attach to the rear bracket and to the stays along the midpoints. This triangulation creates a plane different than the plane of the face of the bar stock to compensate for the bar's flex.

Another view of the under belly.

Early version of the rack seen here after the first test ride. In the earlier version the rack was mounted to the cable stop's reflector mounting holes. This distance was too great allowing the rack to sway laterally.